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Tools of the Trade - November 2017
Wild Color - May 2017
Chaos or Tranquility - Nov 2016
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Relationships & Interactions - Nov 2014
Blue: The Color - May 2014
Black & White - May 2013
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Wabi-Sabi - Nov 2012
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Odd Pairings - November 2020
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People - Feb 2015
Shape or Form - Aug 2014
Something in Something - Feb 2014
Pattern - Aug 2013
Edible - Feb 2013
Night - Aug 2012
Still Life - Feb 2012
Animals: Tame or Wild - Aug 2011
Silhouettes & Shadows - Feb 2011
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Photographing Barns - Aug 2018
Oconee Station Wildflowers and Waterfalls - March 2017
South Carolina Botanical Gardens - Feb 2017
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Lori Kincaid Workshop - Sep 2012
Wilmington NC People - Apr 2012
Wilmington NC Favorites - Apr 2012
Staunton VA People - Apr 2011
Staunton VA Favorites - Apr 2011
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Critique and Show-and-Tell Themes

Mark Finney 3TPhoto by Mark FinneyAs a camera and photography club, showing and viewing members' work is a top priority. We have four opportunities each year for members to show their work and receive comments. There are two Photo Critiques, in February and August, and two Photo Show'n'Tell showings, in May and November. Each offers a slightly different way to show photos in a non-competitive structure. All are open to members in good standing. In addition, we occasionally have an opportunity to exhibit at a local gallery or other venue.

The Photo Show'n'Tell is an opportunity for members to show and discuss their work informally. Images are displayed digitally with a projector. After the member identifies his or her photograph and says something about it, the audience is encouraged to comment as a way for all of us to learn.

Photo Critiques are a little more organized and have an outside commentator, a professional or advanced amateur photographer. Images are submitted as digital files for projection. The commentator offers critical comments on each photo, however there are no scores assigned and the critiques are not contests or competitions.

In addition to the actual shows, we publish all of the images to a Web gallery following the meeting. Check out the Past Shows page to see the images from previous programs.

Photo Show'n'Tells and Photo Critiques also have an optional theme. The theme is to get our creative energy flowing by giving us a target to work on. As such they are intentionally a bit vague and subtle to allow wide creative expression. Non-theme images are also acceptable.


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