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What's the best way to improve your photographic skills? Practice, practice, practice! There's nothing better than making lots of photos to hone our technical craft and artistic vision. And, one great way to get out shooting while having fun is on a club field trip!  Have an idea for a field trip?  Email your ideas to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. right away!

Coming up with locations for field trips takes ideas and input from everyone. To help set things up, we have a Field Trip Team to assist in putting it all together. The team isn't responsible for coming up with all the ideas for field trips - that's your part - but for lending a guiding hand in organizing the outing and getting the word out.

So, what's needed for a field trip? Well, the first item is a photogenic location. We've all been somewhere that has opportunities for photography - nature like rivers, streams and waterfalls, architecture like old barns and cityscapes. The possibilities are endless. Once you have a location in mind, here are the kinds of things needed for planning:

  • Location

  • TCArts Peter Jones 1Photo by Peter JonesWhat's There

  • Level of Difficulty (walking/hiking)

  • Lodging (if applicable)

  • Date/Time

  • Directions (Map & Brochures)

  • Picnic (Lunch or Dinner)

  • Car Pooling Options

  • Leader(s):  Name, Phone #, Cell Phone #, & Email

  • Restroom Availablity - Yes or No

  • Cost (per person)

  • Related Websites

  • Other (clothing, special requirements, etc.

Field trips can be a morning, and afternoon or an entire day. They can even be multi-day, orvernight adventures. They can be during the week or on weekends. The sky's the limit!

That's all there is to it so jump in with your ideas and set up a field trip. If you have questions on any part of the process, let the Field Trip Team know with the Field Trips link on the Contact Us page.


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