The Land of Waterfalls Camera club is meeting via Zoom. There is an article on the member forum Using Zoom to Attend LOWCC Meetings. It contains a couple of helpful links, especially if you are new to Zoom.

Guests are always welcome.  If you are not yet a member but would like a meeting link, please contact us at


Welcome to the Land of Waterfalls Camera Club

The Land of Waterfalls Camera Club was organized in the fall of 2006 for photographers in the Brevard and Transylvania County area of Western North Carolina. The club’s orientation is toward learning and sharing the craft of making high-quality images. We emphasize the artistic, aesthetic side of photography and understanding how to make fine images with our cameras.

The club is open to all photographers and aspiring photographers, beginner or advanced, interested in learning, growing and improving their skills. It’s not important where you are on the path today, but that you have a sincere interest and desire to grow and get better at the craft of photography.

The club has monthly meetings and special interest groups covering a wide range of topics and periodically offers field trips, providing an opportunity for members to join in their mutual passion for making photographs.  Visitors are always welcome!  Please see the “Meetings and Location” tab for more information.