The ColorMunki & Color Calibration

Have you ever submitted an image to a club meeting only to find the colors displayed on the screen aren’t what you saw working on it at home? Or, have you tuned an image on your computer so it looks just right, but the colors are off when you print it? If so, you’re not alone. And, there’s a way to avoid that—work with a color calibrated system.

Okay … deep breath … that sounds complicated … but it’s not. To get started, request the ColorMunki, watch the instructional video that comes with it, and you’ll be on your way! If you’d like more details on the ins and outs of calibration, take a look here:

Monitor Calibration for Photography

The ColorMunki is available on a first-come-first-served basis and can be kept for a period of one week. Once your request is received, you will be contacted by email with the availablility of the ColorMunki. You can then work out a time and place in the Brevard, NC, area to pick-up the device. Once you have calibrated your system, let the coordinator know and arrange to return the device.

Request the ColorMunki

The ColorMunki is very easy to install and use so don’t wait. Sign up and get started with a color calibrated system!