Exhibit Mentors

The Exhibit Mentor Program

Getting started with exhibiting our work can be daunting, to say the least. We see great images by other members and wonder if ours will make the grade. This is where the exhibit mentor program can be helpful. The club has many talented photographers who have exhibited work and are willing to share their knowledge. While it’s not a guarantee of acceptance, they can offer some insights and suggestions that may help you get rolling.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up with the link below.
  2. The next available mentor will be notified of your request.
  3. The mentor will contact you to work out the details of your adventure.
  4. You can submit up to three images to work on with the mentor.

How you and your mentor work together is up to the two of you.  You could exchange ideas through email or meet personally for one-on-one discussions. Either way, it’s helpful to let your mentor know what post-processing software you use.

The mentors have experience not only in exhibiting photographs but in critiquing images too. However, as with all image reviews, in the long run, it’s the photographer’s vision that counts most. The mentor can offer their observations and thoughts, and if they’re helpful and meaningful for you – fantastic! However, if not, you can always accept or reject anything at any time. We’re here to help you move forward on your photographic journey if we can help.

The program is available at all times, not just before an exhibit,  so to get started, click the link below.  A mentor will be selected and will contact you to work out the details.

Request an Exhibit Mentor