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Last updated on August 6, 2019

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    Alan Hunt

    At last night’s August meeting we talked about the new Lightroom Clarity slider briefly and then spent most of the time discussing how we each backup our photographs and our photographic infrastructure and we started discussing photographic workflow. What we discovered is that each of these topics is highly individual, but there is a lot to be learned in seeing how others do things. Workflow and backup strategy, for most people, tends to evolve over time.

    You can find more info in either of these resources:

    Lightroom Texture Resources
    What’s New in Lightroom Classic 8.3 (May 2019) – Texture and More – article and video by Laura Shoe
    Lightroom’s New Texture Feature Deep Dive – video by Matt Kloskowski

    Backup Resources
    Which Lightroom files do I need to back up? – article by Victoria Bampton, the Lightroom Queen
    The Third Time is the Charm – Backing Up Image Files – article by Less and Janet Garrity Saucier, including links to several backup solutions
    Backup Best Practices – series of articles on backup by the American Society of Media Photographers

    Workflow Resources
    1 Hour 1000 Pics – free eBook by Chris Marquardt. The author says “This book is 100% about photography workflow in Lightroom. It’s about getting through a lot of pictures in a very short time. About making the right decisions quickly.” Subscribe to his monthly “A BUNCH OF LINKS” newsletter and you will receive a link to the eBook. You can unsubscribe at any time. Chapter 17, “tl;dr” which stands for “too long, didn’t read” contains the workflow as bullet points.

    Please add any additional links you may have for info on these topics.

    Alan Hunt

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