Club Photo Themes


As a camera and photography club, showing and viewing members’ work is a top priority. We have four opportunities each year for members to show their work and receive comments. There are two Photo Critiques, in February and August, and two Photo Show’n’Tell showings, in May and November. Each offers a slightly different way to show photos in a non-competitive structure. All are open to members in good standing. In addition, we occasionally have an opportunity to exhibit at a local gallery or other venue.

The Photo Show’n’Tell is an opportunity for members to show and discuss their work informally. Images are displayed digitally. After the member identifies his or her photograph and says something about it, the audience is encouraged to comment as a way for all of us to learn.

Photo Critiques are a little more organized and have an outside commentator, a professional or advanced amateur photographer. Images are submitted as digital files for projection. The commentator offers critical comments on each photo, however there are no scores assigned and the critiques are not contests or competitions.

The themes are optional – you are free to submit non-theme images, but most of the images adhere to the theme. The theme is to get our creative energy flowing by giving us a target to work on. As such they are intentionally a bit vague and subtle to allow wide creative expression.

2023 Photo Themes

Photo CritiqueFebruary‘Transport”
Show ‘n TellMay“Peaceful”
Photo CritiqueAugust“Forms in Nature”
Show ‘n Tell November “Celebrations”

2024 Photo Themes

Photo CritiqueFebruary‘Stairs”
Show ‘n TellMay“Graceful”
Photo CritiqueAugust“Zig Zag”
Show ‘n Tell November “Funny Creatures”

2025 Photo Themes

Photo CritiqueFebruary“Cold”
Show ‘n TellMay“Windows”
Photo CritiqueAugust“Arches”
Show ‘n Tell November “Harvest”

________________ Theme Archive _______________

2022 Photo Theme Archive

Photo CritiqueFebruary“Industrial”
Show ‘n Tell May “Long Exposure”
Photo CritiqueAugust“Red (The color)”
Show ‘n Tell November “Contrasts”

2021 Theme Archive

Photo CritiqueFebruaryStill Life
Show’n’Tell May Family
Photo CritiqueAugustWeather
Show’n’Tell November Entryways

2020 Theme Archive

Photo CritiqueFebruaryWabi Sabi
Show’n’Tell May Photographer’s Choice
Photo CritiqueAugustRepetition
Show’n’Tell November Odd Pairings

2019 Theme Archive

Photo CritiqueFebruary 21Lines
Show’n’Tell May 16 Humor
Photo CritiqueAugust 15Use of Light
Show’n’Tell November 21 Street Photography

2018 Theme Archive

Photo CritiqueFebruary 15Macro/Close-up
Show’n’Tell May 19 Circles or Curves
Photo CritiqueAugust 16Architectural Detail
Show’n’Tell November 15 Black and White

2017 Theme Archive

Photo CritiqueFebruary 16Reflections
Show’n’TellMay 18Wild Color
Photo CritiqueAugust 17Balance / Symmetry
Show’n’TellNovember 16Tools of the Trade