The Land of Waterfalls Camera Club provides informative tutorials during the monthly meetings. To download the tutorials in PDF format, please click on the tutorial from the menu on left side of website. Viewing the tutorials requires the free Adobe Reader.

As we embark on a journey of learning about the craft and art of photography, a couple of questions may come to mind. Where am I on the photographic path? What level of photographer am I? There are as many answers to these questions as there are photographers to ask them. However, the Luminous Landscape site has published a series of three essays by George Barr that may serve as an interesting and useful road map for considering these questions. You might want to read George’s ideas, and see if they fit for you.

“Taking Your Photography to the Next Level” by George Barr

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

 The tutorials are in PDF format, and some are available in two sizes – with and without images. The images make the tutorial more readable but increase the size of the download file which may be a consideration for lower-speed connections. Click on a tutorial to view it.

{tab 2020|red|active}

January 2020 – History of Color in Photography

October 2020, “Photobooks for All” YouTube video by Bob Wesneski – Photobooks for All

Bob’s Photoshop templates and starter PSD files downloadable ZIP file: Resources ZIP file

{tab 2019|orange}

June 2019 – Focus Stacking

{tab 2018|green|}

March 2018 – Image Development Using Luminosity Masks by Mark V’Soske

April 2018 – Abstracts in Landscape Photography by Janet Garrity Saucier

June 2018 – Stock Photography by Jo Crebbin

{tab 2017|grey}

January 2017 – Managing Large Photo Shoots by Alan Hunt

April 2017 – Packing for the Big Trip by Don Voltz

April 2017 – Everyday and Household Lighting Photography by Ken Voltz

June 2017 – Understanding the Histogram by Alan Hunt

August 2017 – Understanding the Role of Color in Your Photography by Jack Christfield

{tab 2015|blue}

June 2015 – Why Shoot RAW? by Alan Hunt

April 2015 – The Tao of Photography by Warren Bedell

April 2015 – Waterdrop Photography by Jim Brandt (YouTube video)

{tab 2014|red}

June 2014 – Image Design by Jennifer King

March 2014 – The Zen of Zones by Warren Bedell

January 2014 – Understanding the Histogram by Alan Hunt

{tab 2013|orange}

June 2013 – Basics of Exposure by Alan Hunt

March 2013 – Digital Black & White by Warren Bedell (no images)

{tab 2012|green}

April 2012 – Simple Composite How-To by Warren Bedell

April 2012 – Managing Dynamic Range by Warren Bedell (no images)

February 2012 – PP SIG HDR Tutorial by Paul Krause

{tab 2011|grey}

July 2011 – Photographic Journey Handout by Les Saucier (no images)

June 2011 – Kinetic Photography by Rob Travis

March 2011 – Tao of Photography by Warren Bedell

March 2011 – Image Workflow by Jack Christfield (no images)

January 2011 – Sharpening by Stewart Stokes (no images)

{tab 2010|blue}

October 2010 – Elements of Design

July 2010 – Photographic Exposure

January 2010 – Portrait Retouching

{tab 2009|red}

June 2009 – Making Selections in Photoshop Elements & CS*

June 2009 – Les Saucier’s Digital Workflow Presentation (no images)

March 2009 – Black & White Post Processing

{tab 2008|orange}

June 2008 – Post Processing (no images)

{tab 2007|green}

November 2007 – Post-Processing I (no images)

September 2007 – Elements of Design

September 2007 – Elements of Design (no images)

August 2007 – Exposure

August 2007 – Exposure (no images)

June 2007 – Composition I

June 2007 – Composition I (no images)

May 2007 – Creative Camera Controls (no images)

May 2007 – Basic Tips (no images)

March 2007 – Photo Terminology