Upcoming Meetings

We are doing our general meetings the on third Thursdays of each month from 7:00 – 9:00 PM on Zoom. Guests are always welcome, so please contact us at info@lowccnc.com if you would like a link to the meeting.


September Meeting – “Before and After”

Our September meeting will be a variation on the ‘Before and After’ show-and-tell idea. This time, though, you will each be asked to provide the Before and the After.

For the Before, send in JPEGs of (2) of your RAW, right-out-of-the-camera images (before any post-processing). For the After, submit (2) finished versions of each of those images with different post-process treatments (total of 6 files).
The finished versions might feature different cropping, different color rendition, selective color enhancement, textures, borders, presets — whatever creative techniques you want to experiment with.

The idea is to learn from each other about our different visions of a scene and about different tools, plugins, presets, and so on that we have experimented with.


Our August meeting was a Critique with the optional theme of “Red (the color)”. Local photographer Jeff Miller provided a lot of excellent commentary and insight on different interpretations of the submitted images.

7:00 – 9:00 PM
Live on-line via Zoom
Article by Ken Williams

Photographers attending the Land of Waterfalls Camera Club meeting Thursday, August 18, 2022, “will be seeing red”, in a different light. Noted professional photographer Jeff Miller will be reviewing, and critiquing submitted images based on the theme of “Red”. The zoom meeting starts at 7:00 PM.

The color red suggests drama, intrigue, determination, passion, desire, love, danger, strength, power, and or energy. In art history, red grapes and pomegranates have symbolized fertility. Red apples are a religious symbol, linked to the sin of Adam and Eve.
In portrait photography the vibrancy of the color red captures the attention of a viewer. It draws focus toward the portrait sitter. Use red in portraiture to draw attention. Whether it’s through red clothing or a pair of blood red lips, your viewer will have to stop and look.
You can also use red to generate engaging contrasts. An image with red aspects also appeals to our sense of physicality, narrative, and place. Some of the most striking examples of red in nature include flowers and sunsets. The complementary color of red is green. Photographing red subjects in a green environment can prove particularly compelling. It creates an appealing contrast.

Jeff Miller is a popular photo critic with years of local experience. Jeff’s photography has been featured on many regional and national websites, including HGTV. His photography has also been featured on the covers of dozens of magazines and brochures, including Our State (NC), Builder/Architect (Western NC), The Laurel of Asheville, Century 21 (Mountain Lifestyles), and the US National Park Service.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the Southern Appalachians, Jeff’s mission is to help photographers capture that beauty, share it, and ultimately preserve it. He pursues his mission through “immersion” in photography – field trips, consulting, critiquing, and offering digital imaging and printing services.